UMAC box tracking is now much simpler than you think. You can track your balikbayan boxes here on this website. What you have to do is just to put your box number in the above tool and then click on the “Track Now” button to start the process. You can also check estafeta rastreo for tracking your shipments throughout the world.

Following are the steps to track your box

  • Enter your 9-digit box number (UMTC357975)                           
  • Now Click on “Track Now”
  • Check the delivery status of your order


To track your shipment, you need the UMAC Cargo tracking number. This tracking number is provided by UMAC Cargo when you send a package. Once you have your UMAC Cargo tracking number, you can enter it online to check the status of your UMAC Cargo shipment.

UMAC Cargo tracking

Steps for UMAC Cargo Tracking

If you have sent a package using UMAC Cargo, you will have a tracking number. With the UMAC Cargo tracking number, you can see where your package is. Here's how to do UMAC Cargo tracking:

  • Find your UMAC Cargo tracking number.
  • Enter the UMAC Cargo tracking number online.
  • View the status of your UMAC Cargo shipment.

Note: You can use these steps to track Canada, Toronto, Marikina, Calgary, Vancouver, Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Guam, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Bahrain shipping.

umac cargo express tracking

UMAC Timings

We’ve branches in around 30 countries in the world. The official time for almost all the offices is from 9:30 am to 10 pm.

If you’ve any parcel to ship then you can visit the office between these active hours. However, we are available by email every time.


Shipment schedule to the Philippines is given below.

Newzealand to Philippines

MonthShipping DateStatus
May30 MayFull
June30 JuneOpen


               The dates are estimated dates and are subject to change without prior notice depending on the arrival of the vessel in Newzealand port. 

For outside Auckland pick-ups please contact: 09 2812526.


PreviousMay 11 , 2024Departed
NextMay 16 , 2024open
NextMay 17 , 2024open
NextMay 21 , 2024open


Following are the complaints and contact details of all over the world branches.

Philippine130 Ipil St. cor. Ipil Ext., Marikina Heights, Marikina City 1810, Philippines+6328-470-7872[email protected]
SingapurCarliza Lacsina / Alyannah RamirezSta Rita, Agoo La Union+639451248142[email protected]
NewzealandUnit 10 The Depot,375 East Tamaki Rd. Auckland+64-92812526[email protected]
Gaum136 Kayen Chando Road Suite113 Daily Plaza BuildingDededo, Guam671-637-5618[email protected]
Hongkong11/flr Unit-B, Block -1, YAU TONG INDUSTRIAL BLDG. #2 Shung Shun St.,Yau Tong, Kowloon, HK+852-2348-6080[email protected],

UMAC Services

UMAC Cargo stands as a beacon of commitment to quality and excellence in the logistics industry. Their unwavering dedication is not just about providing services but curating premium experiences for every customer. With a customer-centric approach at its core, UMAC Cargo consistently delivers exceptional service.

The versatility of their offerings is commendable. Catering to the diverse needs of clients, UMAC Cargo presents both sea and air cargo options. Whether one is seeking the affordability of sea transport or the swift delivery timelines of air cargo, UMAC Cargo guarantees reliable, efficient, and top-notch shipment solutions.

Air and Sea Logistics

UMAC Cargo excels in offering prompt and efficient air cargo solutions. Leveraging their vast network and collaborations with leading airlines, UMAC guarantees swift transit and adept handling of consignments. A hallmark of their air services is the emphasis on security and traceability, ensuring consignments reach their destination punctually.

For those looking for economical solutions, especially for bulkier consignments, UMAC Cargo's sea freight services come into play. Beyond just transporting, they are meticulous about packaging, adept at customs procedures, and promise timely deliveries. Their proficiency in maritime logistics positions them as a trusted partner for both import and export needs, making global trade smoother.

End-to-End Delivery with UMAC

UMAC Express Cargo is not just about shipping; it's about offering a comprehensive delivery solution. Their door-to-door service embodies this philosophy. Every phase, from collection to the final drop-off, is orchestrated to perfection.

Entrusting UMAC with your consignments means entrusting them with all facets of the shipping journey. Whether it's packaging, transit, customs, or any other logistical aspect, UMAC has it covered. This holistic approach liberates clients from the intricacies of shipping, letting them channel their energy elsewhere, all while their shipments progress seamlessly under UMAC's watchful eye.


If your box is dispatched, then you can get updates from time to time about your box within Philippines and throughout the world also. You can check the exact location where your box arrived and how much time it takes to reach it.

Using the online tracking service of umac, everyone can keep an eye on their shipment with umac tracking number.

This courier service is for the people of the Philippines who are living abroad or within the Philippines and also to the whole world who wants to send gifts to their loved ones in the philippine. 

They only need to do is to just put their box number in the above tool to track their shipment.

For anyone who uses umac cargo service to ship their boxes, the company provides a unique number called “Tracking number or box number”. You need to keep safe that unique id which will help you later on.

Balikbayan Box Tracking

Balikbayan box tracking

A balikbayan box is a large box or container used to send goods or gifts from overseas Filipinos to their families and friends in the Philippines. The boxes are often filled with a variety of items such as clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, and food products.

Now, Once you have sent your balikbayan box, you may want to track its progress to ensure that it arrives safely and on time. The process of tracking a umac balikbayan box is very simple. Here are the general steps involved in tracking your balikbayan box:

  1. Get your tracking number: The first step in tracking your balikbayan box is to get your tracking number. This number is usually provided by the umac cargo forwarders express when you send your box. You can also check your email or receipt for the tracking number.
  2. Check through company’s website: Enter your tracking number in the designated field. You should be able to see the status of your package, including its current location, its arrival at the warehouse, and its expected delivery date.
  3. Contact the shipping company: If you are having trouble tracking your package online, you can also contact the shipping company directly. They should be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the status of your package.

Freedom Cargo Tracking

Freedom cargo tracking

The balikbayan box is a specialized container designed for sending packages to loved ones in the Philippines. Unlike standard international shipping containers, this unique box caters to those residing overseas wishing to send items back home.

From various global locations, including Canada, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Korea, Spain, and numerous states like Florida, Hawaii, Washington, and California, you can effortlessly dispatch your balikbayan box. Utilize our tool to track Umac's international cargo every step of the way.


After dispatching your shipment you can track the shipment with three methods. All of the methods are very easy you can follow the guidelines.

Box tracking via official website

This is the very simple and most used method. With this method, you can check the delivery status of your box.

What you have to do is to visit the official website and put your box number and last name in the tool. Here are the guidelines.

  • Enter the tracking number in the box and press "track" button.
  • Wait some seconds, it will show you the status of your box.

Track using email

The second method is the method of email. If you aren’t visiting the website then go with an email to trace your parcels.

  • First of all open Gmail
  • Click on compose button
  • Enter the recipient “[email protected]
  • Write an email with your box number requesting the delivery status of your shipment
  • Now wait for the reply they will provide you shortly.

Track it via phone

The third method is very simple if you’re away from internet connectivity and can’t visit the website or email then just call the number (+63284707872) and tell them about the delivery status of your box.

Umac Contact Details

+632 8-470-7872

130 Ipil St. cor. Ipil Ext., Marikina Heights, Marikina City 1810, Philippines

UMAC Tracking Number Example

Box Number

UMAC Provincial Warehouses

AGLU BRANCH (Agoo La Union)
Carliza Lacsina / Alyannah Ramirez
Sta Rita, Agoo La Union
Cellphone No:+639451248142

Saturnino Magsael Jr.
Crossing Parao Brgy. Naisud Ibajay Aklan
Cellphone No.: +639667666505 +639667666531

Rostum L. Jagonob
Patria Village Brgy. Villamonte Bacolod City
Cellphone No.: +639667666529 +639673164782

UMAC Cargo Express Branches

Umac Singapore
Tel: +65 6738 9695
Mob: +65 81801787
Mob: +65 84093901
Address: 304 Orchard Road #04-17 Lucky Plaza

Ms. Nina Robles
Address: 136 Kayen Chando Road Suite
113 Daily Plaza BuildingDededo, Guam
Tel. no: 671-637-5618
[email protected]

​Umac Cargo New Zealand
Mr. Marlon,Ms. Sharon Manuyag
Address: Unit 10 The Depot,
375 East Tamaki Rd. Auckland
Tel. no: +64-92812526 Freephone: 0508 862 269 [email protected]


In the heart of 1988, a new dawn emerged in the shipping industry with the inception of UMAC Express Cargo. What started as a vision soon became an essential lifeline for Filipinos spread across the globe. Recognizing the longing and need to send back tokens of love, memories, and care packages to families back in the Philippines, UMAC stepped in to fill this void.

Over three transformative decades, UMAC Express Cargo has grown, but its mission has remained unwavering: to serve with trust, reliability, and commitment. These three decades have been more than just years on a calendar; they represent a journey. A journey of understanding the nuances of international shipping, mastering logistical challenges, and ensuring that every package, regardless of its size or value, is treated with utmost care.

Their continued dedication to service is evident in the seamless experiences they provide. Ensuring packages reach the Philippine shores safely became not just a service promise but a commitment they lived by. With each successful delivery, UMAC has woven a tapestry of trust, making it the go-to name for Filipinos abroad.

Adapting to the ever-evolving global logistics landscape, UMAC Express Cargo has consistently innovated its processes. This adaptability, combined with years of hands-on expertise, has positioned them at the pinnacle of shipping excellence. Their extensive network, partnerships, and customer-centric approach ensure that the shipping process, from pick-up to delivery, is smooth and hassle-free.

Today, when a Filipino living overseas thinks of bridging the miles with a package, one name resonates above all: UMAC Express Cargo. It's more than just a shipping company; it's a symbol of connection, trust, and the timeless bond of families.


Just enter your box number in the above tool you will get all the detail.

Yes, You can track the exact location of your shipment. Using the above tool you can exactly know your shipment location our tool provides this facility very efficiently.

It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to deliver shipments to the Philippines

Yes, You can track your balikbayan box by putting your box number and in the above tool.

Umac cargo express contact number is (632)8-470-7872


UMAC express cargo has the facility to track the location and status of your shipment. You only need to do is to just put your box number in the above tool and then click track now.

You can also track your shipment using your email and phone number. Umac has over two decades of experience in the freight forwarding industry. It has 30 branches throughout the world and all of the branches do great to serve the people.