Umac cargo company

UMAC Forwarders Express, Inc.

UMAC Forwarders Express, Inc. is a really important company in the balikbayan box delivery world. These boxes are used by Filipinos who live abroad to send stuff back home to their families. The company was started in 1988 because of a smart guy named Mr. Benjamin M. Cariño. He made a big system to deliver these boxes all around the Philippines. On June 20, 2003, the company officially started, and they named it after Mr. Cariño’s Uncle Mac who did a lot for balikbayan boxes in the U.S.

UMAC Growth

UMAC Forwarders started small with just fifteen workers and two old delivery trucks. But they worked really hard and became one of the best balikbayan box delivery companies in the Philippines. Now, they have about 300 office workers and delivery people. They have almost 100 trucks for delivering stuff. At first, they had one small place to keep the boxes, but now they have three big warehouses in important places like Metro Manila, La Union, and Cagayan Valley. These places help them store and send the boxes safely.

They didn’t stop there. UMAC Forwarders opened more places all over the Philippines to help send the boxes to many corners of the country. They have warehouses and centers in places like Mindoro, Cebu, and Davao. This way, they can connect families with their balikbayan boxes all over.

Throughout The World

UMAC Forwarders didn’t just help people in the Philippines. They started by delivering boxes from the U.S., but soon people from different countries liked their good work. Now, they send balikbayan boxes from places like Australia, Canada, and even places like Dubai and Korea. This shows how well they can work for people everywhere.

35 Years of Trust

UMAC Forwarders has been around for 35 years, and they’re really proud of that. They’re known for being a trusted company that picks up boxes from anywhere in the world and brings them safely to the Philippines. Families trust them to take care of their special things and deliver them on time.

Every box they deliver makes UMAC Forwarders even more committed to being the best. They want to stay on top and keep helping families be together. The boxes they deliver don’t just have things inside – they hold love, hope, and family connections.

UMAC Promise To Customer

UMAC Forwarders really cares about their customers. They handle each box with care and make sure it gets where it needs to go without any problems. They’re very serious about doing a great job, and they don’t let anyone else take over their work. They’re with the boxes from start to finish, making sure everything is safe.

More Than Just Delivery

UMAC Forwarders does more than just deliver boxes. They bring happiness to families. When a balikbayan box arrives, it’s not just things inside – it’s love and a connection to home. These boxes bring families closer even if they’re far away. And UMAC helps the Philippines by moving goods around the country, helping the economy grow.

Final words:

In the end, UMAC Forwarders Express, Inc. is a great example of hard work and family love. They started small and became a big player in delivering balikbayan boxes. For 35 years, they’ve been a strong link between overseas Filipinos and their families back home. With their hardworking team and big plans, UMAC Forwarders will keep making families happy and bringing them closer, one balikbayan box at a time.