Umac Prohibited Items

UMAC Forwarders Express Inc. has made a list of things that they don’t allow to be shipped. This list is there to keep their shipping services safe and within the rules. Here are the things they don’t accept:

umac prohibited item image

Currency: UMAC Forwarders does not transport actual money, such as coins and notes. This is because shipping money can be risky due to potential theft or misuse.

Firearms/Ammunitions: The company does not accept firearms, which are guns, along with their ammunition (bullets or shells). This rule is in place to prevent potential danger and adhere to legal regulations.

Explosives/To Guns: Items that could explode or resemble guns are not allowed for transportation. This includes objects that could pose harm or be mistaken for dangerous weapons.

Precious Metals: Objects made from precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum are not included in their shipments. This is to prevent theft and protect valuable items.

Money Orders: Money orders, a form of payment, are not carried by UMAC Forwarders. This might be due to their specific handling requirements.

Traveler’s Checks: Similar to money orders, traveler’s checks, which offer secure payment, are also not part of their shipping services. This could be due to their sensitive nature.

Precious Stones: Items containing valuable gemstones like diamonds or rubies are not allowed for transportation. This rule prevents the risk of losing valuable items.

Drugs: Any form of drugs, both legal and illegal, are strictly prohibited. This is because shipping drugs is against the law and can have serious consequences.

Perishables: UMAC Forwarders does not accept perishable items, which are things that can easily spoil like food. These items are not suitable for long-distance shipping.

Negotiable Instruments in bearer form: This category includes various items like banned electrical devices, explicit materials, and gambling-related items. UMAC Forwarders refrain from transporting these items due to their nature or legal restrictions.

Additionally, there are specific rules for items that cannot be sent using Balikbayan Boxes, a service for sending items to the Philippines. Some of these prohibited and restricted items include alcohol, firearms, cultural artifacts, items made from animal fur, and perishable food.

For certain items, such as military-related goods or weapons, special permission is needed. Importing items made from dog or cat fur is prohibited in the United States. Similarly, bringing in items related to drugs or weapons is against the law. Rules also exist for importing or exporting firearms, fish, wildlife products, and more.

Certain products like medicines have specific steps for proper shipment. Items like clothing with famous logos also have special rules to be followed. It is crucial to adhere to these rules to ensure both legal compliance and a smooth shipping process.

By following these guidelines, UMAC Forwarders Express Inc. aims to maintain a safe, lawful, and efficient shipping service for its customers.