UMAC cargo tracking number is a 9-digit code that you will receive once your order is confirmed. That 9-digit code is used in tracking your box. Most of the users get confused about how they get that number.

Now you don’t need to get worried because this website will guide you step by step that how you can get your tracking number and track your box using that number.

UMAC tracking number is actually the number which is on the side of the box and we call it a box number.

You can take help from the following guidelines to get your box number and track your box without any problem, you can easily find the location of your box while sitting in your home.

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If you are still confused about your box number and find it hard to differentiate between the numbers on your box and the actual tracking number then don’t worry we are here to help you out.

We’ve brought the following tracking numbers to help you in finding the exact tracking numbers.

Box number


UMAC Cargo is a logistic and courier services company which forwards shipments of Philippines people like shipping umac, and balikbayan boxes who are living abroad to the philippine.

UMAC Cargo jumped into the freight forwarding industry back in 1988. UMAC cargo was founded by “Uncle Mac”  M. Carino Jr.

This Company has over 2 decades of experience in delivering balikbayan boxes from all over the world to the philippine. Its roots are spread in around thirty countries throughout the world.

UMAC Cargo offers to track your shipment online whether you are sitting in Canada America Newzealand or any part of the world.

You can track your shipment using this umac tracking tool if you have your box number.

UMAC Cargo has a list of prohibited items, which are prohibited to ship. Please check that list before sending your shipment.

What is box number?

When you come to umac cargo branch office to ship your parcel to the philippine the company provides you with a nine-digit code.

Now that box number will also be posted on your box you can find it on the sides of your box.

How to get the box number and what is the format?

UMAC Cargo express forwarders will provide you with the box number when your shipment is ready to ship. The format of the box number is first letters followed by numbers like ( UMTC350514).

How to track the shipment by mobile?

if you are away from your desktop or just wanted to track your box through mobile for your convenience, umactrack has brought this tracking system to mobile also.

You just need to follow the below steps.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Type
  3. Upon scrolling, you will see a tracking box
  4. Just put your box number.
  5. Then click on “Track Now”
  6. Your shipping status will be open in front of you

Is UMAC Cargo Fast?

Yes, UMAC Cargo is fast compared to other freight forwarding companies. If you want to send gifts or any other luggage to the philippine from abroad, you can use umac cargo services because it is more reliable and fast.

UMAC Cargo is the most trusted freight company for the Philippines people. We’ve kept the trust of our customers for more than two decades. We aim to facilitate our customers as much as possible.

UMAC Helpline Numbers

Below are the helpline numbers of umac branches throughout the world. If you are facing any type of issue you can directly contact them without any hesitation they are there to assist you at any time.

  • Newzealand: +64-92812526
  • Singapore: +6567389695
  • GUAM: 671-637-5618
  • Hongkong: +852-2348-6080
  • Toronto: 416-298-8622
  • South korea: +070-4739-7807
  • United States: 866-588-8622


Umac invoice tracking number is the number that is provided to you by the company when your shipment is ready to ship.

You can track it by just entering your box number in the tracking tool.

The average delivery time of umac is around 6 to 8 weeks. However, it may take further time due to an uncertain situation in the concerned country.

Yes, umac provides a pickup-from-home service also. You don’t need to go to their offices for shipment, they will come to your doorstep to pick up your box.


One should have complete knowledge about the tracking number what is the tracking number? Where is the tracking number? How do we get the tracking number?

Once you get all the points it will be easy for you to track your shipment. The process is very simple all you have to do is to put your box number in the tool.